Join The MLi Group Poli-Cyber™ Security & Innovator Meet Accelerator / Investor “iMai™” Summits, Hosted by London Campus, a Google Space, February 1 & 2, 2016.

Day 1 Summit: The New Poli-Cyber Security Threats Impacting All ! Are You Prepared?

Day 2 Summit: Innovator MEET Accelerator / Investor, “iMai™"  Click here for iMai Website 

Part of the MLi Group Global Summit Series, GSS: "Prepare For The New MiLE™"

Limited Speaking and Sponsorship opportunities remain available.

Contact us at Summits (@) MLiGrp.com with your interest.

Who Should Attend? 

Businesses, NGOs, Civil Society, Governments, Regulators, Innovators, Startups and Entrepreneurs. Those with new solutions and innovations to existing and new problems that serve the needs of local communities and meet commercial and philanthropic goals, especially in emerging markets. Also, Investors, Mentors, Accelerators and Partners who want to enable innovators in this space.

Why Should Your Organisation / Company Support / Sponsor MLi Group Summits?

If finding and inspiring new socially responsible commercial and philanthropic opportunities that motivate people to act, and lift others, especially in emerging markets, out of poverty & desperation is close to your ethos, then your support and sponsorship will not only be well received but well rewarded. By sponsoring our summits you help empower people to help themselves with much needed new knowledge and guidance while helping us create new opportunities and solutions in new markets which you become part of and may benefit from.

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Innovator MEET Accelerator / Investor “iMai” Summit Program

Part of the MLi Group Global Summit Series “GSS”


Innovator MEET Accelerator / Investors (iMai) is part of the Multilingual Internet Group, (MLi Group) Global Summit Series.  In partnership with Oxygen Startups in the UK. The MLi Group will bring together local and regional innovators and entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and solutions to local and global Internet and cyber security challenges in the New 'MiLE' to a panel of industry experts, mentors and investors. For more information on what the New MiLE is, contact us at Summits@MLiGrp.com or go to http://summits.mligrp.com.


Are innovators ready to turn billions of internet users all worldwide into customers in the New MILE?  The daylong programme will see 10-20 pre-screened and selected start-up proposals showcased to some leading Internet & cyber security stakeholders.


The focus of the day will be to connect these innovators and entrepreneurs with individuals and organisations that can help them to develop, fund, and scale their start-ups.  The day will be comprised of the following key activities.


  • Each innovator and entrepreneur will get the opportunity to deliver their elevator pitch to bring the entire cohort up to speed on one another’s ideas.

  • This will allow the innovators & entrepreneurs to understand where there is a possible opportunity for collaboration or shared learning from one another.


  • The workshop will give the innovators & entrepreneurs the opportunity to find out more about accelerators and the resources available to them.

  • The objective will be to help each innovator and entrepreneur to start planning how they can take their start-up forward with the offered support.


  • Innovators and entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to meet with two to three high-level mentors to present their ideas and gain initial feedback.

  • The mentors will have the opportunity to choose whether they would like to continue to mentor any innovators or entrepreneurs beyond the programme.


  • Innovators and entrepreneurs will present their ideas to a panel of corporate and cyber security experts that will select the best ideas. 

  • There will be two rounds of pitching.  At the end of the first round the panel will select a final five to pitch for a second time with further questioning.

  • The corporate and cyber security experts will choose which ideas should be supported beyond the programme and how.

  • A key element of the pitch will be to demonstrate what the innovators have learned from the accelerator and mentors to help them move forward in the right direction.


 For more summit information click here